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What is a smart contract and how does it work?
Digitalization helps to automate many processes and relieve people of routine work. One of the most important tools that allow you to move some of your tasks into the virtual space and monitor their implementation have become smart contracts.
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Blockchain basics: what blockchain is and how it works
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows transactions to be secure, transparent and unchanging.
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What is DeFi and how is it different from classical finance?
Decentralized finance, or DeFi for short, is a general term for a group of financial instruments built on blockchain. The idea is to allow anyone with access to the internet to lend, borrow and bank without intermediaries.
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How does loan in Defi work and what types of loan exist?
Until recently, individuals wishing to borrow money could only do so through centralized financial institutions such as banks or accredited credit institutions. However, the traditional banking system is quite conservative and relies on the credit history of the customer to assess the creditworthiness of the user. Consequently, people without a credit history are often not able to get their first loan because they do not have the data the bank needs.
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How to become a member of a DAO and make money from it?
As the name implies, a DAO is an organization that is managed autonomously and has no centralized control. It is based on blockchain technology, where network members make decisions together using voting and smart contracts.
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What is a cryptocurrency wallet and why is it needed?
Just like you store your money in a wallet, you can store your digital assets in a cryptocurrency wallet. So what is a cryptocurrency wallet? What are they like and what type of crypto wallet is best for you?
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What is decentralized exchange (DEX) and what is the difference from сentralised exchange (CEX)?
Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional centralized exchanges (CEX) for cryptocurrency trading. In contrast to CEX, DEX platforms offer decentralization and transaction anonymity, making them an attractive choice for many users.
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How to install Metamask and start using them?
Metamask is a mobile wallet that allows users to access decentralized applications (dApps) and securely store their cryptocurrencies. The application can be installed on a mobile phone or used as a browser extension.
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What is tokenomics and what is it for?
The value of tokens is one of the main parameters that are taken into account when evaluating a cryptocurrency. This parameter is quite difficult to determine, especially if the digital coin has not been released yet, and the developers are only planning to launch the project.
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What is a governance token and how does it work?
Despite the fact that the main principle of DeFi is decentralization, the first Dapps also used a centralized management structure, which contradicted the basics of blockchain. To solve the problem, a DAO system with decentralized management was created.
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What is a self-paying loan?
While credit has long played an important role in traditional finance, the field of decentralized finance has only recently opened up the possibility of borrowing to its users. The main advantage of DeFi lending is the permission-free and transparent environment in which individuals can engage in obtaining funds without relying on intermediaries.
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What is an LP token?
LP tokens are a sought-after tool in the decentralized finance market. While most DeFi users are aware of liquidity pools, LP tokens are not often discussed. These crypto-assets can be used not only to withdraw deposited assets from a liquidity pool, but also for a variety of other tasks.
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