DSF Invest is a secure and user-friendly crypto alternative to traditional bank deposits. By converting your currency to stablecoins and depositing with us, you make your assets generate passive income for you with up to 30% APY. Experience returns that outperform government bonds, and typical bank rates all with ease and security.

How it works

The DSF Invest smart contract generates income for users in four simple steps once stablecoins are deposited into the application:
Your assets
Your assets + income
Smart contracts
Funds for exchange
Want to dive deeper into how DSF Invest can work for you? Read our detailed article in the Knowledge Base for an in-depth understanding of our interest rates and reward distribution

Step 1: Deposit

Our application and the decentralized Curve exchange harness the Ethereum blockchain's robust network. Although it's notably secure, transactions on Ethereum can be costly, sometimes with fees exceeding $100. To streamline the process and make it cost-efficient for every user, we combine individual deposits into a single transaction. After which all funds are sent as liquidity to the exchange. This method allows us to reduce transaction fees by up to 95%.

Step 2: Receiving LP Tokens

When users provide their funds as liquidity for the exchange, they receive LP tokens in return. These tokens represent a share in the liquidity pool and can be used to reclaim their funds at any moment. To enhance profits, the DSF smart contract stakes these LP tokens on the Convex Finance platform. This is a financial strategy in the crypto market that used to require manual intervention and incurred fees at every step. With our tool, it all happens automatically and at no cost to the user.

Step 3: Fee Collection

As trades occur on Curve, transaction fees are generated. A portion of these fees, as well as additional rewards from staking on Convex, are distributed to you.

Step 4: Reward Distribution

Finally, we return all collected rewards to the user, minus our service fee of 15%. All the income collected, if not withdrawn by the user, is reinvested into Curve’s liquidity, compounding your profit.

Key Features:

  • your deposit stays as stablecoins, avoiding the high volatility often seen in crypto
  • we use Curve, one of the most established platforms for decentralized finance
  • your assets remain under your control — you retain a 'key', that means you claim your funds directly through smart contract, ensuring you can always access your deposit.

Why are we unique:

We are better than Banks. With DSF Invest, providing up to 30% APY, you will get higher returns than traditional banking products, with the transparency and inclusiveness of DeFi space, as we dont need any data about you to provide the service for you.
There are no hidden fees. We're upfront about our charges — a flat 15% on the profits made, not on the amount you put in.
Access your assets anytime. You can withdraw your stablecoins whenever you need to, without penalties or lock-in periods.

Why we are better?

Small number of actions

Only 4 steps instead of 15 plus steps
2. Connect wallet
3. Approve use of your assets for DSF.Finance
4. Deposit your assets in DSF.Finance and start earning

Low operating costs

The data is displayed in real timeonline
$ 0.00
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You saving:
$ 0.00

Try our App and start earning now

Earn income in the assets you stake

What is Stablecoin and how do they work?


Discover your potential earnings
$10 000$30 000$50 000
3 months6 months9 months12 months
Your deposit:USDT10000 | $10,000
Current annual income:online0%
Average annual income:online0%
Investment period:3 months
Your return:USDT10,000 USDT

No lock-in period — you're free to withdraw funds at any time

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