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Try our user-friendly tool to earn on the most low-risk investment strategy that is based on leading decentralized exchange Curve & Convex.

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Investment, Simplified

No more complex charts and confusing jargon. DSF offers a straightforward way to grow your wealth with a few simple clicks.

Your Money, Your Mastery

Forget bank intrusions; your funds stay yours alone. We operate under a simple principle: no access to your money or personal data. Want out? Withdraw instantly, no questions.

Security Guaranteed

Security in your financial tools is paramount. We've passed rigorous safety audits and only partner with the most reliable platforms and stablecoins.

Earnings on Autopilot

Your time is valuable. Let DSF's automated strategies do the heavy lifting, so you can earn passively without the active management.

Total Transparency, Anywhere, Anytime

See every transaction clearly with blockchain. Our open approach lets you track your funds anytime, anywhere, keeping you informed always.

Accessible Anywhere

DSF breaks down barriers, providing financial tools that are globally accessible, bypassing traditional banking limitations.


Discover your potential earnings
$10 000$30 000$50 000
3 months6 months9 months12 months
Your deposit:USDT10000 | $10,000
Current annual income:online0%
Average annual income:online0%
Investment period:3 months
Your return:USDT10,000 USDT

No lock-in period — you're free to withdraw funds at any time

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It's time to rethink how your capital works for you. DSF Invest is a secure and user-friendly crypto alternative to traditional bank deposits. By converting your currency to stablecoins and depositing with us, you make your assets generate passive income for you with up to 30% APY. Experience returns that outperform government bonds, and typical bank rates all with ease and security.
Available to deposit:


DSF Loan will be a feature where you can secure a loan against your deposit that's already earning income in DSF. The interest rate on the loan will be set lower than the income your deposit generates, allowing for a cost-effective borrowing experience.


DSF DAO will offer significant advantages to its members. In the future, participants will share in the profits from DSF investments and gain the exclusive offers from the DSF Loan program. This will create real financial benefits for those actively involved in the community

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